Rinnai Vietnam Company Limited.

Investment license No: 18/GP-KCN-BD          
Issued on  : January 25, 1999
Issued by  : The Management Board of Binh Duong Industrial Zone

Rinnai vietnam is specialized in producing all kinds of gas stove. Our products are consumer voted as high quality 10 years. In addition, we also exported to several countries around the world.

Address: No.2 - Dong An Industrial Park - Binh Hoa Ward - Thuan An City - Binh Duong Province - Vietnam.

Tel: +84 0274 3756 000       Fax: +84 0274 3756 001

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Rinnai Corporation

Address: 2-26, Fukuzumi-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya 454-0802, Japan

Tel: :+ 81 52 361 8211

Website: http://www.rinnai.com

Message from the Management of Rinnai Corporation

Rinnai’s customer-focused approach provides safe and efficient heating for the creation of lifestyles that offer more convenience, more comfort and more peace of mind.

Consumer requirements for gas appliances, including safety, operability, convenience, and compact and lightweight products, continue to change with the times. Rinnai’s products are also constantly changing, underpinned by innovation and advanced technological capabilities. At the same time, however, Rinnai has continued to provide functions necessary for more comfortable and convenient lives by constantly meeting the needs of customers.

We use gas for three main purposes: cooking, water heating, and room heating and cooling. Rinnai supplies traditional “essential” gas appliances, such as gas cooktops, rice cookers, and other kitchen appliances, as well as water-heating and bath-heating hot-water units, room heaters, and air conditioners. We also provide “non-essential” appliances, such as dishwashers and clothes dryers, and a diverse lineup of other products. Recent rapid advances in gas appliances and the addition of IT functions have seen the development of products with higher levels of added value.

These days, society faces the serious issues of an aging population and the delicate relationship between humans and the natural environment. Rinnai’s R&D activities emphasize the development of environmentally friendly technologies and the provision of clean user-friendly products. One example is Rinnai’s combustion technologies, including energy-saving technologies and ceramic burners that produce minimal nitrogen oxide emissions. Adhering to our primary mission of pursuing safety since the Company’s founding, Rinnai has endeavored to develop cutting-edge technologies, such as electronic and sensor technologies.

Rinnai’s vision for the future is to connect heat energy and living environments. We are restructuring our business activities on various fronts in order to improve 21st-century lifestyles. Rinnai will continue striving to realize comfortable lifestyles on a global scale while establishing production and sales systems and a rewarding organizational atmosphere for employees.

Hiroyasu Naito




Currently Japan Rinnai Corporation network in 15 countries around the world, namely in Korea, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, ThailandMalaysia, USA, UK, Brazil, Italia, New Zealand, and Australia.